April 10, 2024

Expectations with 2019 for Crypto Space and Blockchain Believers?

Undoubtedly 2018 will be remembered as one of the most dreadful years that blockchain believers and Crypto enthusiasts faced. The year started with the bloodshed when Bitcoin shrink to its 20% valuation after achieving an all-time high in December 2017. Not only this but even some very hyped altcoins (including Ethereum) devalued by more than 90% against the might of the bears in the market. Now we are sitting on the very first day of the year 2019 for crypto.

The next 364 days will bring changes that can only be speculated as there are no clear-cut indications in which direction the crypto market would head further. Though for the first half the market should be in the clutches of bears only (at least). But amid all this uncertainty and speculations there are few things that can be safely predicated for 2019

The Expectations with 2019 for Crypto Space


November 2018 got a major announcement from the Bakkt platform which unwrapped a lot of hopes for the Crypto enthusiasts. With Bakkt, the highly anticipated Bitcoin futures will be a reality.

Also, it will be providing a platform to enter the institutional investors in the Crypto market thus creating an even more positive environment for cryptocurrencies and blockchain space in years to come. Though the delays are a problem as the January announcement is further postponed by them.


Crypto regulation

On the regulation front, 2018 was not very encouraging. The regulation has been seen as one of the major steps towards mass adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain systems. China’s positive stand on cryptocurrency in the last quarter of 2018 and some positive news from the market of several countries like South Korea, Israel, Switzerland, Japan, and India can be taken as a ray of hope towards the regulation of Cryptocurrencies.

Lightning network

This Revolutionary and lightning-fast upgrade to the present blockchain system will help to achieve one of the most promising aspects of the blockchain (on the basis of which it plans to challenge the measurement of the current financial systems like Swift and Visa). It will be a milestone in the blockchain development arena.

With Lightning Network users can be able to make transactions that are 100 times faster and much more secure in nature than the current blockchain payment system. Additionally, it will also help to achieve the dream of micropayments with Crypto discouraging the high fee involved in the Bitcoin payments network.


A person who knows about blockchain system and cryptocurrencies have a clear central idea of all this (which is decentralization). There are DApps (decentralized applications) already in the market but people are still waiting to see anything revolutionary and big enough to shake the ground Crypto haters and force the governments to start looking towards it with optimism.

Also, both Ethereum and Bitcoin are lagging behind Visa in terms of transactions per second so it will be another challenge the blockchain developers will be trying to solve in the year 2019.

Hopes for Recovery and Bull Run

One of the most talked about topics in the crypto space is- When the Next Bull Run will be?

To be honest, nobody can tell you this (even with 60% accuracy) but TA and Chart experts put their best efforts to make predictions close to accurate measures. If we go by the charts, Bitcoin is yet to touch its bottom before getting out of the claws of a bearish market Trend.

In fact, the first half of 2019 has nothing very encouraging for investors who are anticipating big gains or returns with the market but as per some Crypto experts, the third and fourth quarter of 2019 should bring some hope and also propel the launching of another Bull Run.

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