May 24, 2024

What are You? A Bull or a Bear?

Bull and bear both are extreme conditions of markets. Where the Bull asserts the optimistic approach in the prices of commodities and equities being traded on the market, on the other hand, the bears are the Mighty force behind crashing the markets in the past so that they can fill the bags at their own favorable prices.

Here the wisdom is, to Strike the balance between both of these phases, which is an idealistic case. Unfortunately, it only exists on paper but not in the reality that we all know. But It is interesting and quite fun to find what you exactly are- A Bull or a Bear?

Bull vs Bear: Decide Yourself

Bulls are those who expected Bitcoin to cross 100k USD by 2018 and everybody knows what happened while bears are the one who all are expecting Bitcoin to reach 300 USD in the upcoming months if this categorization is not enough then you can take the help of the below-mentioned categorization and pick yourself which of these two categories reflect yourself better.

You are a bull If-

  • You are indifferent even after shrinking your whole portfolio, losing your investment and still holding your position
  • You are full of optimism for the market to recover in the coming Times despite reaching the near bankruptcy stage.
  • You are investing heavily even facing some sizable losses but your ‘Never Say Never Approach’ keeps you driving.
  • You are fighting away people day and night (especially the bears) to mock the instances of market crashes and sudden falls in prices of the commodities.
  • You are always ready to flow with the tides irrespective of the market fear or any manipulation.
  • You are always hunted down by the FOMO created in the market and ignore any kind of a FUD to hold the position that steers you towards heavy losses.

You are a bear If

  • You are still hopeful to buy on your own terms even in a bullish market.
  • You expect even more fall in already a bearish market so that you can create your position at your desired prices in the desired quantity.
  • You are completely immune to the FOMO created in the market but your FUD pro instincts always push you to sell in a falling market.
  • You always prefer to be in a bearish market environment and always daydream about huge profits in the long run.
  • You rarely achieve your targeted price as you are over-optimistic about the price manipulation on the negative side.
  • You sell at every Major Jump to average out the prices or book profits

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